The Do's & Don'ts of Lash Extensions


Cleanse lashes Daily

– Cleaning your lashes daily is so important. The purpose of the eyelashes is to catch debris and dust from entering the eyes. If you are not cleaning the lashes daily, those dust particles and bacteria build up on your eyelash extensions! Yuck!

Brush the lashes daily

– It’s important to keep the lashes looking nice and fresh by brushing them throughout the day with a small brush (which you receive with your service.) You should not have to force brush them. Just like your hair you want brush to keep the hair smooth, soft and in place. Most people do not notice that their lashes turn until they have eyelash extensions. This is due to the fact that most people have naturally straight lashes, however eyelash extensions have a specific curl type so you will notice when they want to flip. Brushing regularly prevents this from happening and keeps the lashes looking clean and neat.

Sleep on a silk pillow case

– Silk mimics human skin, unlike cotton, which causes friction. That friction causes more split ends to your hair and damage to your lashes! As a bonus, dust mites and allergens don’t like to live in silk like they do in cotton, so it helps tremendously with those who suffer with allergies.

Maintain! Maintain!

– Your lash extensions are an investment and should be filled no later than every 3 weeks. Like our hair, the natural lash sheds regularly and new lashes grow in in its place. That means there will be gaps in the lash extensions! Maintain your lashes to keep them fresh and full at all times!


No Rubbing or pulling

– Constantly rubbing and pulling on the lashes causes the glue to weaken and break down. In order for your lashes to last as long as possible, treat them gently. Rubbing and pulling runs the risk of premature shedding, and there is only so many pulls before you damage the lash and it doesn’t grow back!

Do not use oil based product

– Anything oil based is going to break down the adhesive and cause your extensions to fall more quickly. Avoid using waterproof makeup as these are made with oils (hence the waterproofing) and any heavy creams around the eye.