The Do's & Don't of Eyelash Extensions

What you do after you leave the salon will greatly effect how well the lash extensions hold up. Proper maintenance is the best way to care for your lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

​ How are the Extensions Applied? Extensions are applied one at a time with only one extension per lash (aproximately 200 lashes per eye)

 How Long does it Take? The first set takes about two hours (though may take longer if you have more lashes than average).

 How long do they last?On average, lash extensions will last 6-8 weeks, though they will shed gradually this entire time. In order to keep them looking fresh and full,    they need to be filled on a regular bases. Natural lashes go through the same shed cycle as your hair, which means that they will grow (anagen), die and shed (catogen & telogen), and then a new lash will grow in its  place (early anagen). 

How often do you need them filled?
 For proper maintenance, lashes should be filled every 2-3 weeks.

What type of glue is used? Lashes are applied using a hospital grade glue, and is never applied to the skin as this can cause allergies and and block the hair follicle. Only a small amount of glue is applied to the natural lash, allowing the lash to grow and shed as it would naturally.

 Our lash extensions are customized to make your eyes look their best. We use a variety of lengths and sizes to achieve the best look for you as well as design them to be what you want, whether that be dramatic or natural.